Best Janitorial Services in Virginia Beach

with thirty years of janitorial service experience, we know how to get the job done! If you need services for commercial or residential properties, our team has the right tools and industry experience to make your choice easy!

30+ Years of Experience

DJ’s Janitorial Services in Virginia Beach has been providing janitorial services for over 30 years. Our focus is on providing reliable, flexible, and consistent
services to our clients. To achieve this, we combine effective products, latest technology, and a highly-trained workforce.

Great Reputation

At DJ’s Janitorial Services, we know that our crew is a representation of who we are. This is why we only hire people who will uphold our great reputation to clean your home or office. Our crew will not stop until it’s all done!

Range of Services

In addition to providing janitorial services to your residential or commercial place, we also offer move-ins and move-outs services. We also provide grout cleaning services, painting for your interiors and exteriors, and shampoo carpet cleaning.

Versatile Staff

If you need to have your blinds and shades cleaned, or a thorough cleaning for your walls and ceilings, call us. We strive to provide the service that you need, when you need it. Whether you need us at night, at lunch break, or in the morning, we will be there until you smile with satisfaction.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

As you take care of other important tasks, we will take responsibility for all your janitorial needs. We have customized our janitorial services such that we will provide what works best for you. And to ensure that our crew does an excellent job, we will inspect before leaving your premises.

Call us now and we will offer janitorial services specially tailored to the needs of your building.
We will offer you the best just like we have been doing for the past 30 years!


We have over 30 years of experience.

DJ’s Janitorial in Virginia Beach Services has been in operation for over 30 years. With such experience, you can have the assurance that you will get the best services. When providing a service to you, we only stop when you smile with satisfaction.

We are professional.

Every crew member has undergone training on how to use up-to-date janitorial cleaning technology. This will ensure that your job is perfect without exposing your staffs, office or home, and clients to any harm.

We are trustworthy.

All our crew members have undergone rigorous checks to ensure that we only employ those who have not criminal records. You can be sure that all your items will be safe just like they were before we started the cleaning.

We are always available when you need us.

At DJ’s Janitorial Services, we believe in being there for our clients, when they need us. Whether you need our services in the morning, over lunch hour or even overnight, we are available.
All you need is to communicate the time that is most convenient for you and our crew will be available.

Great communication skill.

When providing janitorial services, we know how important communication is. We keep our communication lines open so that you can reach us when there is a need.
If you need to speak to Dwayne Joyner, who heads our company, he will gladly be available for you. To us, our clients come first and we take pride in their satisfaction.

Who we serve.

Here are some of the organizations that will enjoy our services
• Churches
• Departmental stores
• Warehouses
• Grocery stores
• Office establishments
• Schools

Whenever you need Janitorial in Virginia Beach, all you need to do is call and we will do it. We take delight in providing exceptional and affordable services to you. You can hire us for one day or for the regular maintenance of your home or office.
Our responsibility is to keep everything clean, as you take care of your other businesses.


Janitorial in Virginia Beach offers a wide range of services at reasonable rates. To make it even better,
we’ll provide the services when you need them, at nights or during the day.

Move-outs and move-ins.

If you are planning to move to a new office or a new home, call DJ’s Janitorial in Virginia Beach Services. We will do the cleaning on your behalf. We know how hard it is to clean a new home and the amount of time it will take. As a professional cleaning company, we’ll ensure that we complete the job on time.

Call us today and our crew will carry out the inspection and the cleaning at affordable prices. We delight in seeing our clients smile with satisfaction after a job well done.

Floor stripping and waxing.

When your floor is full of dirt and grime, the initial glow will fade off and with time, the color will change. The high traffic in your office will ruin your floor’s appearance and to reverse this, you’ll need professional janitorial services.

When you entrust us to strip and coat your floor, we will ensure that we strip every corner of your floor. Once we strip your floors, we’ll use the best sealer that will reduce the appearance of scratch marks. The sealant will also protect your floor from future soil penetration or abrasion.

To restore the glow of the flow, our professional team will use high-quality wax. With this, your floor will be shinning again, just like when it was first installed.

Grout cleaning.

Has it come to a point when the regular cleaning of your tiles brings you the desired results? You scrub and mop, but the grout still look dull and dirty?

DJ’s Janitorial Services will help to restore the initial appearance of your grout. Once we clean your grout, we’ll seal the grout to ensure that it remains clean for longer.

We only use safe and effective methods for your ceramic, porcelain or limestone floor. Instead of using a lot of money to replace your discolored floor call DJ’s Janitorial in Virginia Beach We will not only clean your grout but we will also seal it to make it stay cleaner for a long time.

Carpet shampooing & cleaning.

At DJ’s Janitorial Services, we provide periodic carpet shampooing cleaning at affordable prices. We have been doing this for over 30 years and you can be sure we know the best cleaning methods. Our crew will use the method that will work best for your carpet.

From hot water extraction method to pile lifting and even spot removal, we will clean your carpet based on your specifications. When cleaning your carpet, we’ll use the eco-friendly products that will be safe for your children and pets.

In addition to cleaning your carpet, we’ll also clean your office or home partition panels and upholstery. We will bring back the glow and the freshness that is as a result of a clean environment.

Call us today and together, we’ll organize a convenient time to perfectly clean your carpet.

Green Cleaning.

When seeking commercial or residential cleaning services, most companies will claim to use green products. Unfortunately, not all companies uses these safe cleaning products and this will put the life of your family at risk.

At DJ’s Janitorial services we only use green products that are safe and effective. Our customers for the past 30 years can prove that this is true. When providing services to you, we will use cleaning products that will not harm your children or your pets.



Whenever you feel the need to give your commercial or residential building a new face, talk to us. DJ’s Janitorial Services offer professional painting services at affordable prices. We only use high-quality paints that will ensure that your home remains in great condition for a longer period.

Hang Sheet Rock.

Do you need to add an extra room in your home or make an existing room cozier? Our experienced crew will install new sheetrock. Among the services you will get from our sheetrock installation crew are taping, texturing, painting and also floating.

If any section of your wall has been damaged, our crew will patch it up and paint it as well. Call us today and we promise to install your sheetrock in a professional and timely manner.

DJ’s Janitorial Services delights in providing exceptional services to our customers. When you schedule your appointment with our team, we will handle all your cleaning and maintenance needs. We will take up one-day cleaning job or provide maintenance services over a period of time.

We are a janitorial service company that you can trust. With us, your home or office will not just be clean but will be safe as well. We have carefully selected our crew members to ensure that you will get value for your money.

Call us today and we will provide the service that you need, when you need it.






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